Sunday, February 12, 2017

February 5, 2017 Santa Ana Parin

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a great week!

To start off, transfers came this week and.... Nothing happened! I'm still in Santa Ana with Elder Torion, which means I will be killing him (sending him home) because this is his last cycle here in the mission.  However, I'm excited for this next transfer and I know we'll be doing good work.

This week we had the missionary broadcast everyone has been talking about but I'm sure you already know the details of the changes, so I won't explain further. However, it was great and helped me realize what my focus needs to be in my work.  

We found two investigators this week, bata pa sila, mga 9 years old sila, pero they are really excited to learn about the gospel and they understand our teaching very well.  We review every lesson but they are able to tell us everything we taught them almost word for word. They actually read the assignments we give them and they keep all of our commitments even without their parents reminding them. They are great!

Now for the Spiritual Thought:
This week I was reading in Mormon and I read chapter 2, verses 11-14.  This is the time in Nephite history where the people were in constant war and God was not giving the Nephites strength because of their wickedness.  Then, in verse 11 the people began to mourn due to the great amount of death among them. In verse 12, the people began to remember God and would "sorrow before the Lord" but, as we read in the later verses, they remembered the Lord for the wrong reasons.  Rather than humbling themselves and asking for forgiveness, the people cursed God and therefore did not receive blessings but continued in their torment.
Applied to us, when we have trials in our lives we have choices.  One of them is how we react towards our Heavenly Father.  We can remember Him, ask for help, and be strengthened; or we can ask "why me?" and receive pretty much no help at all.  We must offer up "broken hearts and contrite spirits" to the Lord in order to receive His help.  I know that our trials can strengthen us, or tear us down; and the decision is up to us.  I've definitely learned that here on the mission, when trials come along, I always need to turn to the Lord and receive His strength if I wish to succeed, for I know I am nothing without the Lord.

Mahal ko kayo!

-Elder Anderson

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