Sunday, November 20, 2016

October 16, 2016 There is No Greater Work Nor Joy

Magandang Umaga o Hapon o Gabi!

What a fantastic week!  I seriously love missionary work! There is no greater work nor joy that can be felt except through this great and marvelous work!

First off, let me explain about the picture I sent last week with me feeding the tiger.  Last transfer, our zone went to a zoo for a zone activity, and the zoo offered a walk with tigers experience for 500 pisos (about ten dollars).  Obviously, I paid the 500 pisos and got to participate in this once in a lifetime experience.  Yes the tiger is real and yes I was feeding it from a baby bottle.  It was pretty fantastic.

Anyway, back to the more important matters.

I seriously love my companion and area!  My companion, Elder Anuat, is our District Leader and is a fantastic example to me.  We work really well together and we're becoming good friends. 

Last week was our first week of complete proselyting.We opened the area and spent the first full week finding the members and becoming acquainted with the members who would be willing to work with us.  It was a good way to gain the trust of the members and to lay a good foundation for our work.

This week, however, was very successful. Earlier in the week, we were contacted by a man, Brother Abe, as we were eating dinner at Bigmak, and he was super curious about the gospel and we gave him a Book of Mormon.  We went to his home earlier this week and taught him all of the First Lesson.  He had a lot of questions and we wrote them down so that we could answer them next time.  We also extended the commitment to baptism and he accepted.  He is scheduled to be baptized on November 12.  

Next, we contacted a referral from a member to teach his younger sister who just returned home from Cagayan (a far area of the Philippines) and she's super excited to learn the gospel.  We extended an invitation to be baptized and she accepted! She is scheduled for November 19, which is actually her birthday.  She came to church yesterday and was so excited to show us that she was there that after sacrament meeting she came up to us and said, "Elders! I'm here!" I'm so excited for her and she's so happy that the gospel came into her life.  Her older brother, a super active member, teaches her with us and his testimony really helps her understand the joy of the gospel.

Now, for something of a different tune... There is a super typhoon scheduled to hit our mission this week on Wednesday named Typhoon Lawin.. We'll see how it will affect the mission, but I would appreciate your prayers for me and all the missionaries in my mission to stay safe during this time. And a heads up, I may not be able to email on Monday if there's power loss.

Also, my condolences go to the Giacolone Family.  You guys are amazing and are in my prayers.

That's all I have for this week, until next time! (hopefully next week)
-Elder Anderson

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