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December 25, 2016 Maligayang Pasko!

Hello everybody! Maligayang Pasko!

This week was pretty great. I had Christmas Conference with the whole mission, which was way fun.  Last Sunday we traveled to Laoag and went to our sleeping arrangements.  We got to stay in a hotel, which was pretty great because we had air conditioning, a showerhead (even though the water was cold), and a flushing toilet.  It was amazing.

On Monday morning, we traveled to the mission home and played games as a mission. We had trivia on PMG, water games, and other fun shenanigans. After that, we had three hours to "have P-Day", which consisted of emailing, eating lunch, and traveling to the place where we would be holding the evening session of Christmas Conference.  The evening session consisted of cultural dances and songs that each zone was assigned to prepare.  We performed a Samoan Slap Dance, and everyone said we were the best.  It was a blast. Everyone was happy and relaxed.

On Tuesday Morning, we had the speaking part of Christmas Conference at the chapel in Laoag.  The APs, President, and Sister Andrada all spoke to us.  All of the talks were focused on the vision of the mission for the next year.  They talked about obedience, new mission standards of excellence, and worldwide changes to the missionary schedule. I'm really excited for this next year and I hope to see a lot of progress as a mission.

After the speaking, we ate lunch and then traveled back to our areas and slept.

The rest of the week was alright, my companion is super trunky and doesn't want to work, so I just study all day while he sleeps. I ask him to work and he just replies that he has a headache, even though 20 minutes earlier he was just fine.

Transfers came and we're still companions for this next transfer so I need to figure out a way to help him change without causing contention.  However, our zone leaders got transferred and we have two new elders coming into our apartment. Hopefully the two new elders in our apartment will be able to help me with my companion because I'm out of ideas on what to do.

Anyway, that's it for this week, I hope you all had a nice, white Christmas!
-Elder Anderson

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