Sunday, March 5, 2017

February 19, 2017

Hello everybody!

This week we had an awesome experience to travel to Laoag and have a devotional by none other than Elder David A. Bednar!  It was great and I learned a lot! It was similar to the time he came and visited at the MTC, at first he gave a talk and asked questions to the missionaries about their thoughts, what they learned, and what the Spirit was teaching them. The main focus on his talk was about being an agent in your life, not being acted upon but being an actor.  He talked about making your life the situation you would like to be in because the power is in all of us to change our lives if we are willing to put in the work and trust in God.
Then, after an hour and a half, he switched it around and had the missionaries ask questions to him!  Many missionaries were able to ask questions and were given fantastic insights by Elder Bednar.  I learned many things that were said but more amazing were the things I learned that weren't said, but that I felt from the Holy Ghost.  It helped me realize that there truly is no better teacher than the Holy Ghost who guides us to the knowledge we need and the blessings we are seeking after.  
There wasn't much work done this week due to traveling, but our investigator Keyen, is on track for baptism which should have been happening on March 4 but we have district conference so it will be on March 11! Keyen is one of the kids who was in the pictures I sent a while ago.  

For my spiritual thought I would just like to reiterate what Elder Bednar said about becoming an agent.  In all of God's creations, there is a division between two things. Actors, and things which can be acted upon.  As literal spirit children of God, we all have the capacity to be actors, and we have been commanded to do so in the Scriptures.  We must strive to be proactive in our lives, not just simply letting the current push us around, but actively taking a stand to improve our lives and our situation.  I know that as we exercise our agency righteously, with an eternal perspective on all of our decisions, God will give us blessings and our lives will improve, even if it is not immediately seen.  I know that God loves each and every one of us, and wants us to choose the correct path that will lead to Him.

Have a great week everyone
Mahal ka kayo! 

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