Sunday, March 12, 2017

March 12, 2017 Baptism of Keyen

Hello everyone!

This week was pretty busy. We had to prepare for the baptism of Keyen this week and we helped the zone leaders in their area because they planned a barangay movie night and we had to help them set it up. We also had to go on splits with them like three times to cover their lessons with their baptismal candidates because they hadn't finished their lessons yet but were being baptized on the 12th.  So, not a lot of work in my area, but we helped the work of the Lord progress nonetheless. 

We have a General Authority visiting our mission in May, which I'm very excited about. I know I will be able to learn a lot on how to improve my work as a missionary.

The baptism was fantastic.  This was my first baptism and I'm so grateful that Keyen decided to be baptized.  Funny story though, the member who was asked to baptize Keyen didn't show up, so everybody was like "ikaw na lang" which means "I guess you're the one to do it even though you didn't bring baptismal clothes and the ones we have don't fit you, good luck with that" (ok, I took some creative liberty in the translation, but you get the point).  So the Elders in the Area of the chapel we were at ran home and get a pair of baptismal clothes that, miraculously, fit me perfectly. It was stressful, but the outcome was amazing.

I absolutely love this gospel and I can't wait to continue to invite others to come unto Christ.  There is no greater work than this.  I challenge you all to help further this work and invite others to hear this glad message. I have seen the change it brings in people's lives.

Well, I hope that was detailed enough for my Mom. Transfers are this upcoming week, and I will let you all know what is happening. My companion goes home next week as well, so I know for sure I will be getting a new companion.

Take care everyone,
Mahal ko kayo

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