Sunday, April 30, 2017

April 16, 2017 Araw ng Pagkabuhay

Hello everyone!
This week was pretty great and busy. We had interviews with the mission president, which is always uplifting and inspiring. I really do appreciate President Andrada and all that he does for us in the mission.  We also had a ward activity this week where we updated the membership records (so we essentially had a ward census haha), which gave us a lot of referrals. I don't have any pictures from the activity because I accidentally left my camera at home (sorry Mom). 
So, Eric was not able to meet with us this week because of Holy Week. He traveled to Cagayan with his family, but we are setting up appointments with him this week and hopefully we will see some progress.
Speaking of Holy Week, here in the Philippines Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and Easter Sunday are national holidays, everything is closed on those days.  However, they give more emphasis on Good Friday rather than Easter Sunday.  One of the churches next to our house also had an interesting tradition for Good Friday.  From what I understand, the members of the church all dress in white, and as a church they make three statues of Christ dressed in red and three statues of Mary dressed in white. They place the statues on a float that is attached to a sidecar of a motorcycle, and the congregation follows the statues while holding candles and singing hymns.... Definitely a new experience.
Anyway, I gave a talk in sacrament about the Eternal Ministry of Christ, which focused on all that He did to help accomplish the plan of salvation.  Starting with His premortal responsibilities and ending with the anticipation of His Second Coming.  I also shared about the importance of His Atoning Sacrifice.  Afterwards, I asked, referring to the question of Pilate, "What should we do with this Jesus who is called Christ?"  My answer was found in Alma 36:24, which you can all look up ;)  The joy that we can all feel from the Atonement of Jesus Christ is so powerful.  No joy is so exquisite as that found through the grace and virtue of God's Beloved Son.  I would invite you all to study the life of Christ and ponder what you will do because of what He did.
I love you all, and have a great week,

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