Sunday, September 11, 2016

Calls From the Airport

We had a wonderful experience talking with Luke while he waited at the airport for his departure.  He had written each member of the family a hand-written note before he left the MTC.  Savannah went out to get the mail the day he was leaving and got the letters.  She distributed them and read hers about five minutes before the phone rang.  She picked up the phone and said, "hello."  I could slightly hear the caller ask, "Hey, who is this?"  Savannah broke down sobbing and couldn't even talk.  I know her heart was already tender because of the words Luke had written to her and then picking up the phone and hearing his voice brought her to tears.  It was a very tender and sweet moment.

We all got to take some time and visit with Elder Anderson.  His excitement was palpable and his vision clear.  It was fun to share in his enthusiasm for the Gospel and the things he had learned in the MTC.  I know that he had a great experience there and grew a lot.

I had the opportunity to talk to him twice because he called around midnight from the California airport where he had a layover.  I asked him what was one of the most important lessons he learned while in the MTC.  He answered, without hesitation, that we have to have faith.  Not only do we have to have faith but we have to utilize it.  He shared some experiences with me where he realized he had to turn things over to the Lord and have faith that He would carry him.  He also shared with me how he learned that patience isn't an easy virtue for him but he is working on it.  

I feel so blessed to have this young man as my son and I am grateful for the example he sets for me and my family.  I know he will have many more lessons to learn and many things he will teach.

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