Sunday, September 11, 2016

Letter from President

Brgy. 50 Buttong, Airport Avenue 
Junction Tangid Road,
 Laoag City 2900 Ilocos Norte,

 August 24, 2016 

Brother James V. Anderson 
Sister Andrea Yardley Anderson 

Dear Brother and Sister Anderson, 

We are delighted with the arrival of Elder Luke Daniel Anderson. Thank you for sending us such a fine missionary son. He is an exemplary young man and we are proud and privileged to have him serve with us. He has arrived in good health with a wonderful spirit and desire to serve. 

His first assignment is to labor in San Juan, Ilocos Sur with a wonderful trainer, Elder Cerbolles. The enclosed map shows you geographically where he is serving. Also enclosed is a photograph taken with Sister Andrada, his trainer and me at the Mission home. 

Please remember to write every week. Letters from home are so important for missionaries and can greatly influence their successful adjustment into missionary life. May I suggest you include positive and encouraging news and comments and omit information about family or other concerns as this only generates worry and anxiety. 

Missionaries of course serve with an “eye single to the Glory of God.” Their entire focus, therefore, needs to be on their work and ministry. Help and encourage him to do this. Please do not mention how much time is remaining for him, or special events you may have planned for him on his return, as this will only act as a distraction to his service. With your encouragement he will mature and progress beyond your expectations. 

Be comforted and know that Sister Andrada and I will love him as our own and do all we can to help him develop and rise to his full potential. We also want his mission experience to be a wonderful experience for your entire family. We extend our love and best wishes to you. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help you or him. 

Yours sincerely, 

President Robert M. Andrada

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