Sunday, July 2, 2017

April 30, 2017

Magandang araw mga kapamilya at kaibigan ko! 
Time flies so fast in the mission.  That's right, another transfer gone, just like that.  It feels like yesterday my companion and I entered San Lorenzo for the first time. It's hard to believe we've already spent six weeks there.
Anyway, this week was pretty alright.  We had more appointments cancel on us because it's school vacation right now, but we had some solid lessons as well. First off, we had a great teaching experience with our investigator, Norlene.  She has been praying for a while to find out whether or not the Book of Mormon is true and if Joseph Smith was a prophet of God.  We had already taught her about prayer and how to receive an answer to her prayers, but she had never felt like she had gotten one.  Then, in our lesson this week we followed up on her prayers (PMG chapter 11 to all my missionaries out there) and she told us she knew that The Book of Mormon is true and she knew Joseph Smith was called of God to restore the gospel here on the earth in our time.  We told her that was great and shared our testimonies as well. Then something amazing happened, she asked to be baptized! We set her a date on May 27 and she is looking great to progress.  I can't wait to see the changes that will happen in her life.

Also, Nanay Selly is doing great. She came to church again this week and she is on track for baptism on the 20th. She is so excited about the gospel and we feel that she is converted and ready for baptism.
That's really all for this week. Keep studying the scriptures everyone, especially the Book of Mormon. It really is the key for continuing conversion (thanks for helping me understand that Dad :) ) Even if you are an active member of the Church, your testimony will become dull if you do not continually sharpen it with the Word of God. Daily, strive to feast upon the words of Christ, for they truly tell you all things that you must do.
Have a great week everyone!

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