Sunday, July 2, 2017

May 7, 2017

Hello everyone! 

So, this week was pretty great. we had a great week of serving others and teaching.

First off, we had an awesome experience with an investigator this week.  His name is John Mark and we had met him a couple of weeks ago through finding. We found him at his aunt's house though, so we weren't able to return to teach him at his home (in the Philippines, there aren't any addresses). However, while we were walking to one of our appointments, he stepped out of a house which, believe it or not, was his, and called us over. At first we were a little scared, most people don't call two teenage boys in white shirts and ties just to chat, nevertheless, we approached him. He smiled and asked us to share with him. We sat down, opened the lesson with a prayer, and began talking about Christ and His love for him.  We asked him how Christ had helped him in his life and he relayed a story about a motorcycle accident he had.  He told us how he thought he was going to die, but he woke up in the hospital. After he woke up, he resolved to follow Christ, for he believed Christ had given him his life to give him a chance to change.  He told us how he knew the message we had would help him come unto Christ, and he was excited to hear more about it.  We felt prompted to extend a baptismal date and he accepted for June 3.  We set a return appointment for this week and we are excited to see him progress.

Now, for the service. This last Saturday was the National Day of Service here in the Philippines, and our ward decided to go to an elementary school and repaint the desks and chairs of the students. It was a fantastic experience and I'm so grateful for it. However, my body hurts. The reason why is because of a stance called the Filipino Squat (you can probably look it up). Anyway, I was in that position all day while painting and, afterwards, my body wanted to kill me for it.  But, hey, a small price to pay for service right?  

I hope you all look for opportunities to serve this week.  Even if it may be painful, or you may be sore afterwards, remember that serving others also serves God. We are all brothers and sisters, so show your love for your siblings through some service this week! There is no better way to help others feel God's love!

Mahal ko kayong lahat!

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